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Afghanistan Emergency

We are working with the Afghan people to provide aid and basic assistance.

An Increasingly Dramatic Situation

In recent weeks, we have been witnessing a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. 

ActionAid's Kabul office is open with its local staff and is following the situation closely to address the most urgent needs in Mazar-e-Sharief, Herat and Kabul, where thousands of people who have fled the clashes in nearby provinces are desperate for help. 

Food, emergency shelters, water, sanitation are desperately needed in overcrowded camps and informal settlements where people have flocked in search of safety.

Sudipta Kumar - Country Director of ActionAid Afghanistan – Shares with us: 

"Thousands of families, who fled rising tensions in their villages, have arrived in Kabul, Mazar and Herat with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Pregnant women and new mothers are among those most at need of food support, shelter, water and sanitation. In one camp our team was told that some 300 families are sharing just one toilet. Tents for 10 people are being used by 50.

We’re deeply concerned that without immediate relief, families in overcrowded camps are at increased risk of Covid-19 and an escalating hunger and malnutrition crisis.”

As part of its emergency response to the humanitarian crisis, ActionAid is planning to reach 35,000 people with food support, safe water, as well as sanitation and hygiene kits for women and girls.

ActionAid will also provide psychosocial counselling support for people traumatized and displaced by the crisis.

We will continue to support families most in need in seven provinces across Afghanistan, providing education programming for girls and boys, tackling food insecurity and providing livelihoods support.

This work will be expanded to address the additional needs of displaced families and vulnerable host communities.


We remain in Afghanistan to work alongside the local people and we need your invaluable help to continue our assistance in this dramatic situation.

Donate now to our emergency response in Afghanistan in support of women, children and local communities!




2 September 2021