Every year, over 300 million people are affected by natural disasters or involved in conflicts.

Many countries in which ActionAid operates, such as Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan, Haiti, Pakistan, India, the Gaza Strip and Syria, are or have recently been theatres of war or natural disasters.

ActionAid has been working over the long term in all these places, with the aim of encouraging social and economic reconstruction, not limited to humanitarian intervention, but intervening on the causes that led to the catastrophe or conflict or that rendered them so devastating. We are therefore committed to giving the victims greater security, involving them directly in the construction and defining together lasting courses of development, regardless of identity, gender or religion.

 The issue of human security is sub-divided into three areas:

  • reduction of the risk of disasters
  • emergency responses
  • conflicts

In emergency situations, ActionAid,protects the rights of vulnerable people by working:

    • on national and global policies to combat the structural causes of natural disasters and those related to human actions,
    • on emergency preparedness to strengthen the resilience of communities,
    • on rescue, reconstruction and recovery.


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