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What we do

We want to give a voice to people's rights.

In order to be more effective in the fight against poverty, ActionAid International bases its work on respect for human rights by tackling certain important issues.

Change is possible!

Specific projects

Change is Possible

Discover some of our projects in action.

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Women’s rights

Let's fight together.

In order to be alongside women against poverty and marginalisation.

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Education is a fundamental right and an important tool in the fight against poverty!

Despite commitments taken at worldwide level, more than 100 million children don’t attend school and about 800 million adults, mostly women, are illiterate. Education is also a very powerful tool for solidarity. In Switzerland, we work with schools to develop a greater awareness in young people and children regarding social issues that affect us both at home and as citizens of the world.

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Every year, over 300 million people are affected by natural disasters or involved in conflicts.

ActionAid operates in the long term to protect the rights of vulnerable people.

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For proper Governance.

Responsible government is essential to end poverty and social inequality.

Where we intervene

ActionAid intervenes directly on in the field, alongside the more disadvantaged people and communities.

We work with over 27 million people in 45 countries, for a world free from poverty and injustice.