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Specific projects

"At ActionAid, our relationships with communities, partners, and with our donors are based on trust, long term-commitment, humility and respect."

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Banca Stato del Canton Ticino
IBAN CH30007646277427C000C
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Specific projects

We want to offer the people we work with the possibility to generate change and end the cycle of poverty.  There is not one simple solution: we work to tackle the root causes that keep people in poverty.  This is why it is important for us to work with women and girls: to end discrimination and violence empowering them so that they have economic independence, and supporting citizenship, so that people are aware of their rights and participate actively in civil life.   As many of the communities we work with are more at risk of manmade crises and natural disasters, we work together to build resilience.

Together, we can open new horizons and opportunities for the world’s poorest women, girls, children and communities. Are you interested to partner with ActionAid in financing a specific project?  Contact us: we would be happy to work together to find the most interesting and useful solution for you to engage with ActionAid.