Fight for Women

Our fight against violence against women doesn’t end. We want to defend their rights and be at their side in combating violence.

ActionAid renews its commitment and puts the issue of violence against women at the centre of its work throughout the world: Fight For Women is a fundraising project that is entirely focused on the fight against violence against women throughout the world.

Indeed, even today, women are the ones who suffer the greatest injustices just because they are women.

Here are some facts that clearly express what it means to be a woman in the world today:

  • One in three women worldwide is subjected violence, in most cases at the hands of their partner or former partner.
  • 200 million women are subjected to genital mutilation in 30 states in Asia and Africa.
  • 22 million girls are already married to an adult man.
  • Globally, only one in two women has a paid job.

Much can be done to combat these phenomena and guarantee the right of women to a life without violence.

That is why ActionAid has been supporting women who are subjected to domestic, sexual, economic and urban violence every day for more than 45 years.

It is thanks to your support that, together, we can defeat injustices, discrimination and violence. Join us, together we give a voice to thousands of women and girls, work alongside them to assert their rights and ensure they have a better future.

It only takes 20 CHF per month.

Together, we will fight to erase discrimination, exploitation and violence and make the world more just!

For more information write to - or call + 41 91 9226542

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