Women's Rights

To work alongside women who struggle against poverty and marginalisation.

ActionAid believes that unless the conditions of marginalisation and oppression in which many women live end, the results of the fight against poverty will be superficial.

We implement our projects in order to combat the conditions of inequality, abuse, violence and prejudice that prevent women from determining their lives and the development of their communities.

We work so that girls and women can increase their self-confidence in their abilities in a process of "empowerment" that starts from the awareness of having inviolable rights.

We support women's groups and movements so that their demands can be transformed into appropriate legislative and legal instruments. ActionAid works to promote female leadership in public institutions, to achieve concrete legislative change where adequate safeguards are still not in place.

We implement awareness campaigns against prejudices that lead to discrimination, in favour of equal treatment at the workplace and access to education, land and respect for civil rights.

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