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The emergency in Gaza continues

Our response to the emergency

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is still catastrophic

Due to months of intense bombing, the ongoing siege and the ground offensive, more than 30,000 people have been killed, 70% of whom are women and children.
1.9 million people, more than 85% of the population, have been displaced and live without drinkable water, food and warm clothing, struggling every day just to survive. The health system is collapsing and the epidemic of diseases such as diarrhea and acute respiratory infections threatens more lives every day.


Our involvement

ActionAid, thanks to the assistance of many supporters, is working with local partners to respond to this emergency in Gaza. We have distributed food packages, hot meals, winter clothes, hygiene and health kits, along with providing psychological support to the population thanks to the activation of a telephone line being used, to date, by over 400 women.
We are urgently seeking funds both to meet immediate needs and to prepare for the many requirements that will emerge once the siege is over. But we cannot stop now, we need to reach more and more people.

Photocredit: ActionAid

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13 March 2024