Corporate Social Responsibility activities are essential to overcome poverty

ActionAid aims to strengthen dialogue with the economic, social and institutional parties worldwide, so that they might promote our work and become the main interfaces with whom we can interact on a daily basis to protect human rights and social justice.

Examples of companies that we work with around the world:


The collaboration between Bros Manifatture and ActionAid continues on through 2019 and 2020.

Through its brand, ROSATO, and alongside our organization, the company has renewed its commitment to saying NO to all forms of violence against women.


From now until 2020, the company will support the work of ActionAid to defend and support the right to education. Through the Lancôme brand, the company has decided to dedicate itself to a local cause that’s still relatively unknown to the public: the fight against school dropouts and cultural poverty.

To oppose this problem, Lancôme has joined the cause of ActionAid that has always worked in schools to fight educational poverty and dropouts.


Challenge yourself to discover your potential and start looking to the future with confidence. The new edition of the Lavoro di Squadra (Teamwork) project is aimed at 40 girls and boy between the ages of 16 and 25 who don’t study or work, and it will be backed by the Z Zurich Foundation for the next three years. The activities will be carried out in collaboration with the Cooperativa Olinda, Fondazione Adecco for equal opportunity, ASD Ring of Life, and with help from Medici in Famiglia (MIF).


According to the latest data from Waste Watcher, food worth 13 billion euros from the food supply chain and within homes is thrown out every year, and the phenomenon is growing at an alarming rate.

ActionAid and the Whirlpool Corporation have renewed their collaboration for the “Momenti da non sprecare” project, which promotes playing as an element of learning and the kitchen as a place of inclusion. The educational content of the project is articulated through three main themes: buying food consciously, correct storage methods, and responsible and supportive consumption. The project additionally offers starting points to elaborate on various multidisciplinary in-depth analyses, from the food supply chain to security, hygiene, and an intercultural approach to properly value our food.

For information about how your government, foundation, trust or company can contribute to ActionAid’s vital work, please contact:

Caterina Ghislandi
Philanthropy and Partnerships Coordinator ActionAid Switzerland
+39 3311348901 


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