2013 Financial Statements

In its first year, ActionAid Switzerland recruited 1,800 supporters in the Canton of Ticino, through a campaign of direct involvement and awareness-raising in the area. Thanks to them, ActionAid Switzerland was able to provide a valuable contribution to the International Federation in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

Below are a few examples of the results we achieved globally in 2013:

  • 1.7 million people obtained full decision-making involvement in the definition of their needs regarding respect for fundamental rights and social exclusion.
  • At international level, 90,000 parents, 9,000 teachers and over 2,000 schools were involved in activities aimed at improving the quality of public education. The work performed by ActionAid contributed to over 500,000 boys and girls completing at least the first cycle of studies.
  • About 100,000 women obtained the right to access to land and natural resources. Nearly 44,000 believe support from local leaders improved and over 200,000 women are more aware of their rights. 3,000 groups of women were trained around the world to combat gender discrimination, organising training meetings to learn new farming techniques, savings and credit schemes and various levels of literacy.
  • 270,000 communities were involved and 300,000 small farmers improved their food security by learning about sustainable farming techniques.
  • 190,000 women and girls acted to prevent and combat violence against women in all its forms, both domestically and in public spaces, for example, against traditional practices that violate fundamental rights and freedoms, such as female genital mutilation and forced or early marriages.

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