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Migrant women and exploitation

Violence, poverty and denied rights.

Connected worlds

ActionAid Italia has written the report "Connected worlds", which talks about Nigerian women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. The report analyzes the testimonies of women victims of trafficking in Italy and Nigeria and reveals how their daily reality is deeply intertwined with violence and poverty, lack of education and work and unequal access to fundamental rights, such as health.

For these women, migration seems to be one of the few possibilities to seek their own redemption. Unfortunately, many of them trust unscrupulous people and fall victim to trafficking for sexual exploitation.

IOM - International Organization for Migration - estimates that about 80% of girls leaving Nigeria for Italy are potential victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Threats are one of the main reasons why, once they arrive in Italy, these girls do not shy away from the will of those who force them into prostitution, driven by the fear that such a choice can cost them their lives.

In the report "Connected worlds. The female migration from Nigeria to Italy and the fate of the repatriated women "- written together with BeFree - social cooperative against trafficking, violence and discrimination - we analyze the phenomenon and the causes that push women to migrate from Nigeria to Italy, with particular attention to the role that gender-based violence plays in this context.


21 November 2019