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Floods in Haiti

ActionAid supports the population facing the emergency.

As ActionAid we are working in many of the municipalities affected

Heavy rains in central and northern Haiti have caused flash floods, inflicting additional misery to a population already very poor and tested by the pandemic and repeated catastrophes.

ActionAid is present since many years in the municipalities of Cap-Haïtien, Limonade, Milot and Quartier-Morin which have been heavily affected.

We are working with the communities, bringing first aid kits and tools to help clear debris and mud.

Our plan is addressing the need of 1 000 families (5000 people), through ActionAid’s localised and women-led emergency response, in coordination with other agencies, avoiding duplications.  We plan to provide first aid needs, cash and essential means so that families can recover their livelihoods.

Do you want to help?

Your contribution will be channelled through ActionAid’s Emergency fund. Some examples of what we can do with your help:

  • 50 CHF can buy one water filter would provide clean water for a family of 5 people;
  • 1’000 CHF can provide a set of tools and seeds for 10 families so that women restart their food production;
  • 500 CHF can build one hand washing station for a community shelter.

Thank you for your support.

photocredit: Dylan Roberts/FreeSociety/ActionAid