Work in schools in Switzerland

Since 2016, ActionAid has offered training courses for teachers of schools in the Canton of Ticino on the subject of food waste and more. At the moment, the programme is only available in the Canton of Ticino, but we are evaluating the possibility of also developing a similar training proposal for the other Cantons.

The Study Plan of the Scuola dell'Obbligo Ticinese (Canton of Ticino compulsory school) indicates how the educational goals of the school go far beyond individual disciplinary contributions. The ultimate aim of the school is not only to convey the values, knowledge and skills essential to students in order to  become adults, but to make sure the qualities of tomorrow’s aware citizens are adopted from an early age. During the first and second cycle of studies, the acquisition of these skills is envisaged through disciplinary activities or interdisciplinary projects.

As part of ActionAid’s mission, education on issues of solidarity, especially the right to food, women's rights and active citizenship, are essential to offer young people an indispensable framework for building a future as citizens who are aware of their own and others' rights and duties.

ActionAid has developed educational courses for schools with the aim of developing a collaboration with the school environment and offering teachers support in terms of contents and teaching materials, as well as ideas for extra-curricular activities that promote the participation of students and families in the life of their schools and their communities.

Starting from the extensive expertise developed within the ActionAid Federation, particularly in Italy, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and Myanmar, ActionAid Switzerland has developed a programme of education for sustainable development on the issues of rights, food waste and active citizenship.

Since 2015, we have been offering training courses to teachers in schools in the Canton of Ticino, while also keeping open the exchange of information and experiences with the Department of education, culture and sport (DECS) of the Canton of Ticino and with Education21.

For information on our training proposals, to receive a presentation of our educational kits or to request our collaboration, please write to:

We are always available to develop new activities and evaluate your proposals.


The educational courses are designed to be delivered directly by teachers in the classroom, in order to facilitate the inclusion of our issues in school programmes. At the request of teachers and schools, ActionAid can provide experts and trainers for targeted training, workshops and teacher training. The kits, although having specific target ages, can be adapted with our help to all scholastic levels and can be customised into educational and interactive laboratories.


Education for sustainable nutrition must start at school and then continue in the family. "I eat everything. Say no to food in the rubbish bin" allows these aspects to be developed through games and imagination: students develop a greater awareness of the value of food and the difficulties that millions of people have in obtaining it.


This course provides tools and suggestions for the development of various topics: the right to food, hunger in the world, the issue of land and land-grabbing and the topic of food waste. In addition to its content, the course is completed by proposals for activation and workshops: civic journalism activities, workshops on how to structure a campaign to raise awareness on food waste and proposals for initiatives to involve families.


"In the other person’s shoes" is an initiative by ActionAid that aims to overcome gender stereotypes as early as primary school.

This educational course offers ideas to work on and think about which can also be used to counter mechanisms that can give rise to bullying or gender-based violence, while promoting the acceptance of diversity and integration.

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