2017 Financial Statements

2017 has been a year full of challenges and transformations, but most of all of positively changed lives. The successes achieved by ActionAid have been possible thanks to the contribution of our donors in Switzerland and in the world. With this annual report we want to tell you - our supporters and partners for change - some of the important results that we have reached together during 2017.

The main results achieved at a global level are the following:

For the right to food:

  • 103,300 people have increased their control over land and natural resources.
  • More than 110,000 farmers have started cultivating using sustainable farming techniques.

For a democratic participation and accountability:

  • 790 local governments improved accountability towards their communities;
  • 150 coalitions were organised and campaigns were conducted to strengthen fiscal justice.

For the right to education:

  • Schools in 4,650 communities show significant advances in the right to education;
  • 68,000 people raised their awareness on the importance of the right to education.

In response to emergencies:

  • ActionAid has intervened in 30 emergencies in 30 countries, carrying out activities related to prevention, training and response to natural disasters and conflicts.
  • 555,000 people received humanitarian assistance in respect of human rights and 45,500 women and men in 17 countries are now in a position to develop a risk reduction and prevention plan.

On women’s rights:

  • 32,000 women were mobilised against gender-based violence;
  • 1,080 communities now protect women and girls from harmful traditional practices;
  • 55,200 women claim to have more control over their income and greater negotiating power within their family.

The biggest thank you goes to all our Swiss donors and activists, who have chosen to fight on our side against poverty and social injustice, together with thousands of donors and activists in more than 45 countries in the world.

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