2019 Financial Statements

Every year, the financial statements and the Annual Report are an important time for us to reflect on what has been done, as well as a moment of dialogue with our supporters. In these pages, we tell about the changes we have brought to the world thanks to their generosity.

During 2019, 7’189 Swiss donors supported ActionAid's mission helping to create a world free from poverty.

Guided by the "Strategy 2018-2028: Action for Global Justice", we have achieved great results working alongside the people and communities where we are present.  Action Aid constantly endeavors to see global, sustainable, and inclusive changes that can guarantee not only that each individual can access their rights, but also an equitable redistribution of resources and power to aid the resilience of the communities in which we work.

Globally, in 2019, we carried out 926 projects in 44 different countries in synergy with 1,400 local partners and associations.


Our commitment to projects in different parts of the world:

  • In Europe, we have carried out 125 projects in collaboration with 385 local actors.
  • In Africa, we have carried out 204 projects and collaborated with 481 partners.
  • In the Americas, we have engaged in 122 projects, supported by 70 local partners.
  • In Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, we have carried out 475 projects by cooperating with 438 local actors.


During the past year, we also responded to 37 emergencies, reaching 880'010 people affected around the world

For these, and many other projects, our thanks go, in particular, to the Swiss supporters who have demonstrated, once again, how solidarity extends beyond borders.

Stories of change