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Photographer Kari Collins/ActionAid


We’ve convinced lots of children to go back to school!

Hemraj, a 17-year-old boy, is the chairperson of the Youth Federation in his village in Nepal: "I have always felt it is important to defend the right to study of the children in my village and thanks to ActionAid I can do so. For example, last year we identified some children who were no longer going to school and we convinced them to sign up again!

Thanks to ActionAid’s support, we were able to present a project for the proper use of funds to improve the quality of education in our communities. We also promoted a campaign against early marriage by raising awareness and informing villagers using street performances and through debates with local institutions. It is no coincidence that no children got married this year. On our own, we would never have been able to implement all these projects. Thanks ActionAid".