I ran away from an abusive husband.
Now I have a business at the market and my children go to school.
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I was just confined within my house.
Now I’m enhancing my leadership skills and capacity building.
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Every mother feels pain when her children don't eat
With Actionaid I receive constant help to support my family.
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This drought is the worst I have ever experienced.
Now humanitarian organizations are coming to our aid.
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I fled Ukraine with my 14-year-old daughter Liliya
Now I can offer her a safe place away from the bombing.
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At 14 I was abducted for child marriage.
Today I am free, I want to become an ActionAid operator.
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We developed the entire renovation plan of the school,
The people of the village will be able to find a safe haven in the school in case of environmental disasters
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When I was 16 my father wanted to marry me off.
Thanks to ActionAid’s Girls Club I was able to choose a different future and continue my studies.
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