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Everything improved when ActionAid came.

Beatrice is 22 years old, she gave birth to her daughter behind the restrooms in a refugee camp in the district of Budada, in Uganda, where she took shelter following the recent landslides that destroyed her home.

"It happened in the middle of the night, but luckily a friend of mine helped me. I live here in the camp with my husband and two other children. When the landslide hit us, we escaped in the middle of the night. I was close to giving birth and it was tiring to walk for several hours down the mountain”.

"When we escaped, we brought some bananas, tomatoes and onions with us, but I was worried because once we had eaten everything, I didn’t know how we would cope".

Beatrice was worried that the children, especially the baby, would become ill in the conditions in which they lived. They shared a tent with 18 other adults and there were not enough blankets for the night or the opportunity to wash themselves.

However, everything improved when ActionAid came. They brought us new tents, nourishing food, warm clothes, nappies for the children and toiletry kits. Now I'm calmer and hope we will be able to go home again, once the emergency is over".