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Gisella Reina, Philanthropy and Partnerships Director di ActionAid Switzerland

+41 79 4701296


To support our projects:
Banca Stato del Canton Ticino
IBAN CH30007646277427C000C
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Poverty is not only a lack of money, but also a lack of choices, opportunities and power. In the poorest places in the world this means living on the margins of society and being confronted with discrimination, exploitation and violence. For this reason, ActionAid has been committed for almost 40 years and in more than 40 countries to combat poverty, inequality and social injustice. We work alongside the poor, especially women and girls, to open up new horizons, strengthen their resilience and correct the power imbalances that perpetuate their poverty.

Our programs have a long-term commitment: we intervene to guarantee the means of subsistence to those who need it most, to defend women's rights and promote gender equality, to facilitate better governance and transparency in the use of funds for common goods such as education, food safety and health. During national emergencies, it is the needs of women and local communities that guide our response, helping us react quickly and fairly. In the long term, we work to rebuild communities and strengthen their resistance to future crises.

The support of private philanthropy is essential for us to act effectively and sustainably. For example, in Malawi, the Roger Federer Foundation, together with  ActionAid, works to facilitate access to preschool centers for almost 100,000 children. In these facilities, children have access to health services and learn essential hygiene practices to improve their health.

Thanks to your gift, we can take action to deal with the COVID-19 crisis in various countries. In Palestine, ActionAid was able to distribute emergency aid, masks and health kits to 400 families. In an emergency, private philanthropy is often the form of help that arrives first to meet immediate needs. By intervening early, more lives are saved and allows ActionAid to better plan subsequent interventions.

What do we offer?

For all donations:

  • You can rely on ActionAid's decades of experience and transparency in the correct management of your donation.
  • All donations made to ActionAid Switzerland are tax deductible: we provide you with a donation certificate every year.
  • If you wish, you will receive regular news on the progress of the programs.

For your donations on special occasions:

  • Celebrate your birthday, wedding or other special occasions with donations to ActionAid instead of gifts. Your support will change the lives of women and girls around the world. We will be happy to send you the relevant fundraising material, and you will receive a confirmation of each amount donated in your name.

For donations over 5,000 CHF from private individuals and foundations:

  • By becoming a major donor, you will have the opportunity to observe how your contribution will impact the communities and people who will receive it. Our staff will provide personalized follow up reports so that you understand the donation procedure as well as the needs and of the communities in which we operate, ensuring that your gift contributes to the causes for which ActionAid is fighting for in the world. Should you wish, your name will also appear in our Annual Report

For donations over 100,000 CHF:

  • We will work together to determine which of our 350 projects would best match your interests. Once a suitable project has been found, we will keep you not only informed, but also involved in the progress and challenges our colleagues face in the field by organizing visits and direct meetings.

Where will your contribution go?

ActionAid works in over 40 countries around the world, contact us to learn more about our current projects and priorities.

Some examples of projects that we develop worldwide thanks to the contribution of our donors:

What can we do thanks to your contribution?

  • 1,000 CHF could provide 160 families with essential hygiene items during an emergency - including sanitary napkins, soap, clean underwear and disinfectant to help women and girls manage their menstruation with dignity and prevent the spread of waterborne diseases;
  • 5,000 CHF could provide training to 200 girls in Ghana to help them better understand their rights and gain the confidence to fight harmful traditions such as female genital mutilation
  • 18,000 CHF could build seven women's centers, where women can access emergency supplies and receive advice and support after a national emergency
  • 25,000 CHF could support 215 girls who survived violence in Rwanda through the creation of counseling, medical aid and safe accommodation.


Thank you for your interest, your trust and your gift!

For questions and information, our team is always available. Please contact us:

Gisella Reina - Philanthropy and Partnerships Director di ActionAid Switzerland - +41 79 4701296

To support our projects:

Banca Stato del Canton Ticino: IBAN CH30007646277427C000C
Reason: project you are interested to donate to.

For us, transparency is a fundamental value: read our annual report.


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