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Economic independence allows me to be free.

My name is Rani

I'm thirty years old and I survived my husband.

The man with whom I was married and with whom I had two children has abused, beaten and threatened me for six years. Six years because I did not have the courage to denounce him when he put his hands on me for the first time, because I was afraid for my children.

I suffered in silence because I thought nobody would listen to me.

The last time he hit me, I was pregnant with my second child. He hit me so hard that I became deaf in one ear. I realized that I was no longer the only one in danger, but also my children.

I ran away and in that very dark moment of my life, I met the Gauravi Center and ActionAid. Gauravi means "pride" in my language.

I met doctors, psychologists, women victims of violence. People who were willing to listen to me and help me. They welcomed me, my children and I, and accommodated me.

My life has changed since then.


Economic independence allows me to be free.

When I was asked to work in the center to help other women in need, I immediately agreed. A few days ago, they asked me if I did not mind talking to raped and battered women. They feared that these stories would plunge me back into the nightmare that I lived.

On the contrary, I am happy to believe that I helped another woman. I am happy to know that after a conversation, she will be a little encouraged and that she will come to the center and receive our help. That's what makes me the proudest in the world.