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Stop trafficking in human beings

Tackle root causes and fight poverty!


In the occasion of the world day against trafficking in human beings of the 30th of July, Ene Obi, the Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria states the results achieved by the organization in Nigeria in the last three years.

“ActionAid Nigeria aims to tackle the root causes of trafficking in human beings and forced migration, it has empowered 25,844 women and young people within the past three years through training and mentoring, provision of start-up grants and equipment for the launch of productive activities.”

Root causes

The factors that push vulnerable people to enter in this deadly tunnel are well known: poverty, limited education and lack of economic opportunities and insecurity remains some of the main factors leading people, especially women and girls, to trafficking.

Obi further stated ‘‘Citizens and governments at all level must wake up to challenge this monster. The human trafficking industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide and it will take collective, consistent and decisive efforts to overcome the challenge of human trafficking.

Our commitment

ActionAid is aware that for reducing the influence of organized crime over vulnerable people looking for better lives and opportunities, the answer lays in fighting the root causes of this phenomenon. Thus, it is of overwhelming importance to improve the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable and tackle any causes that could led them to fall under any forms of modern-day slavery. ActionAid is highly committed and it fights, alongside other non-governmental organization and institutions, to build the premises for a future of hope and dignity for every person in this world.

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