2018 Financial Statements

The financial statements and the annual report give the opportunity to communicate ActionAid’s world and the results accomplished in the year.  These are made possible by the efforts of over 8,000 Swiss supporters with whom we go hand in hand to change lives for good and achieve the ambitious project we bring forward. In 2018 ActionAid has innovated and evolved its approach by enhancing a new ten-year strategy (2018-2028) with which the organisation aims to strengthen social justice, eradicate poverty and promote gender equality on a global level, working with the more vulnerable and marginalised communities and with organisations, activists, social movements and supporters.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, ActionAid works on-the-ground to redistribute power and resources, strengthen the resilience of communities and social movements and defend the rights of people living in situations of exclusion.

Thanks to local, national and international programmatic activities, in 2018 ActionAid around the world reached 5,711,394 persons, of which 3,152,966 were women and 2,558,428 men.

These people are at the center of ActionAid strategy. To change life for good, they are involved in programmes and specific projects in accordance with the four programmatic priorities of the organization:

  • Addressing the structural causes of violence against women and girls and ensure economic justice for women
  • Ensuring increasing civic participation and greater accountability of the State for the redistribution of resources and the provision of public services that take into account the aspect of gender
  • Strengthening the use of resilient means of subsistence and ensuring climate justice
  • Guiding initiatives for the preparation, response and prevention of emergencies led by women and capable of transforming society.

In a particularly uncertain socio-political context such as the current one, ActionAid reaffirms its dedication to fighting social injustices and global inequalities.

This commitment is renewed daily in over 45 countries in which ActionAid is present, thanks to the continued trust and support of numerous supporters.


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