2015 Financial Statements

During its third year of operation, ActionAid Switzerland consolidated its presence both in Switzerland and in ActionAid’s International Federation. Its work, made possible by 5,023 supporters across the country, contributed to ActionAid’s daily struggle against injustice and global poverty.

As in previous years, the financial statements of the organisation are accompanied by an annual report that explains the goals, stories and successes that ActionAid Switzerland helped to achieve during 2015: the aim is to share and spread the importance of every life that has been changed, of every smile given, of every injustice ended and of every community that is now aware of its rights. These are the little-big goals that ActionAid fights for every day.

Some of the goals achieved during 2015 at global level, thanks in part to Swiss supporters, include:

  • 172,095 people improved their food security;
  • 343,371 farmers learned and use climate resilient agricultural techniques;
  • 167,257 women perform individual or cooperative economic activities and manage their savings independently.
  • 1,002,303 people living in poverty felt an improvement in the quality of public services;
  • 575,570 young people acted against injustice and poverty;
  • The quality of public education improved in 3,232 communities;
  • 605,699 people received humanitarian aid in compliance with ActionAid’s human rights based approach;
  • 209,916 women acted against gender violence and against harmful traditional practices (for example, female genital mutilation);

These are just some of the many changes made possible thanks to the contribution of ActionAid Switzerland and we are confident that, thanks to the growing number of supporters, they will become increasingly profound and significant.

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