ActionAid Switzerland's second year was marked by small, important steps in our fight against the causes of poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

In 2014, the financial statements were accompanied by an annual report on the activities carried out and the results achieved in the countries in which ActionAid operates. Behind the numbers are the stories of change that have become a reality thanks to the support of our donors.

3,192 supporters played a major role, through their contributions, in a change aimed at guaranteeing fundamental human rights for all individuals.

Some of the goals achieved during 2014 at global level, thanks in part to Swiss supporters, include:

- 22,400 girls and 27,350 boys completed the primary course of studies and enrolled in secondary school. There was an increase in the number of girls enrolled in school inĀ  9 countries.

- 270,000 farmers trained by ActionAid to date use new sustainable farming techniques. 86,000 women reported now having greater control over land and other natural resources.

- 150,000 women and girls acted to oppose traditional, cultural and religious practices that deny them the enjoyment of their rights, either fully or partially, and to demand transparency and accountability from national and local governments.

- 2,000 groups of women organised efforts to claim equality in the enjoyment of their rights.

- Nearly 600,000 people were involved in emergency prevention and response activities.

- Over 1 million people received humanitarian aid in respect of their rights.

...and much more in the 2014 Annual Report.


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