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Andrea’s and Lurdes’ story

Solidarity is one of the fundamental values ​​that ActionAid promotes in Switzerland and in the world.

Solidarity is one of the fundamental values ​​that ActionAid promotes in Switzerland and in the world.

On World Human Solidarity Day, established by the United Nations in 2005, read the parallel stories of Andrea and Lurdes and discover how solidarity travels from one end of the world to the other through a simple gift.

Andrea has been supporting ActionAid through donations for years to guarantee access to education for many people. It is thanks to the generosity of Andrea, who contributed to ActionAid’s projects related to the right to education in Mozambique, that Lurdes was able to study and become a teacher, dedicating her life to teaching children.


Andrea’s story

"I've been supporting ActionAid for many years. I have always felt the need to engage in volunteering and contribute to building a more just world for everyone, but commitments and daily life leave me little time to dedicate myself to it”.

By regularly supporting ActionAid, Andrea manages not only to reach out to others, but also manages to express his solidarity far beyond the boundaries of his city. With his contribution, Andrea supports projects dedicated to many different issues, from violence against women to the struggle for climate justice.

But Andrea wanted to do more: "I asked myself: why not organize a dinner with my friends and family for Christmas and at the same time raise money for a project? I thought of organizing a fund-raising dinner for a school extension and renovation project.

At the beginning I was a bit nervous, however, it was a real success. I invited family members, old friends, colleagues, football friends ... and they all responded with enthusiasm!

Together we spent a wonderful evening and, between one chat and another, many donations were collected to support ActionAid’s projects in Mozambique. It was exciting to see all my loved ones gathered to give many children the possibility of being able to go to school; but it was even better to see the purpose of the donation by visiting the school in Mozambique. It was a priceless experience and I'm already working on organizing the next fundraising dinner! "


Lurdes’ story

Lurdes lives in one of the poorest districts of Mozambique. As a child, her parents had only allowed her to attend primary school, as they thought secondary school would have served no purpose to her. Lurdes could not rebel against their decision, and that was also the destiny reserved for most of her girlfriends.

A few years later, through the support and projects of ActionAid, she wanted to return to school. "It was not easy to convince my parents, and it was not easy to follow the classes because the only secondary school was far from my village. Every day I walked for hours to reach that school. I was exhausted, but I didn't give up. I always found the grit and energy to concentrate, write, learn lessons. After much effort, I managed to graduate".

Once she received her diploma, Lurdes realized she wanted more. She knew that school would open possibilities that, until then, she knew nothing about.  Thus, she began to dream of becoming a teacher. Today, through her dedication and commitment, Lurdes is a now a teacher of 450 students.

She loves her job, which is the dream she has accomplished through so much effort.  For her, being a teacher means not only teaching reading and writing, she wants to inspire her students, especially girls, to show them that school can change your life, and open opportunities for you, not only guaranteeing a job, but dignity.

Lurdes has another dream today, which is to recreate her story for many other boys and girls in her village.

Express your solidarity with a gift: Fight for Women!