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The Pandemic’s effect on social inequity

Do today’s lessons influence tomorrow’s answers?

More equitable crisis management means more sustainable solutions

Almost a year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that, as often happens, it is women and girls living in poverty who pay the highest price. So why are their rights not at the centre of emergency responses and strategies?

As ActionAid, we participated in drafting the report, "Now and the Future - Pandemics and Crisis: Gender Equality, Peace and Security in a COVID-19 World and Beyond". This report was created through a joint research project of 22 organizations in 10 countries, with the objective of assessing the impact of the pandemic on peace, security and gender inequalities.

This study provides clear recommendations for governments and institutions: to be truly effective, restoration strategies must assess the disproportionate impact that Covid-19 has on people and communities in situations of poverty and inequality. Furthermore, it is necessary that the responses of the institutions take into account the long-term impact that Covid-19 and future pandemics will have in increasing current inequalities and existing conflicts.


9 February 2021