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ActionAid joins The Alliance for Climate Protection

Together, we are committed to a fair, sustainable climate policy.

The Swiss Climate Alliance was founded in 2004

ActionAid Switzerland supports The Alliance for Climate Protection, together with other  80 member organisations in the fields of environment, human rights, development, church, youth, trade unions and consumer protection.

Together, we are committed to a fair, sustainable climate policy.
In ActionAid’s work in poor countries, we witness how the communities we work with suffer  the impact of sever climate change, with increasing frequencies: recurring droughts and extreme weather events such as floods and cyclones, threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions.

The sad fact is that those that have contributed the least to increased carbon emissions, suffer the worst consequences.   This is why it is important for us to act for climate justice and equity. As ActionAid, we support people to cope with the consequences of climate change, for example by supporting small-holders framers to practice sustainable, climate resilient, biodiverse agriculture and advocate for eco-sustainable policies at national level.

But that is not enough. Also in Switzerland, we need to take climate action now, and support developing countries to cope with climate impacts and transition to greener pathways. This is why we decided to join the Alliance for Climate Protection. Together, we can make change happen.